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Herbal Home Apothecary For Children’s Health ebook

Herbal Home Apothecary For Children’s Health ebook

As a herbalist with young children, I get many questions from clients and friends about natural treatment and symptom relief for their little ones suffering common childhood illnesses. Everything from teething troubles to ear infections, nappy rash to constipation, colic to conjuctivitis.... So I decided to create this ebook to take you, the parent of young ones, through setting up your own home apothecary using a few simple nutritional supplements and some common, yet remarkable, herbs.

This ebook includes general guidelines for children's health, a home apothecary list and detailed info on how to use your apothecary to support your child's health. This ebook contains sections covering the skin, the gut, the ears and eyes and respiratory illnesses and fever. Lastly, it includes a few DIY herbal recipes to help relieve your child's aches and pains.

I hope you enjoy it!

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