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Or are you struggling through day-to-day life?

Good health goes far beyond test results or even the absence of disease. I believe good health means living with vibrancy, feeling energetic and passionate about living and being able to keep a calm and open mind. The journey towards good health is constant and always evolving, with highs and lows along the way, but inevitably it leads to the creation of a fun, meaningful and joyful life.

Tamara Welsh, Clinical Herbalist

Natural Herbs

Family Health & Naturopathic Medicine

Tamara offers consults both in clinic and over the phone with a focus on clinical herbalism for Family Health. She works within the Naturopathic framework to help you and your family to thrive. 

With a young family herself, Tamara understands the ups and downs of being a parent and wanting the best for her family and their health. Her aim is to understand her clients personal health journey and create an individualised plan to enable them to feel energetic and vibrant.

Tamara believes that community is important and she will happily work alongside other healthcare practitioners to ensure her clients recieve the best outcomes. 

Image by Babette Landmesser


What is herbal medicine and how does it work?

Herbal medicine is the oldest and still the most widely used form of medicine practiced today. Western herbal medicine practitioners draw from ancient knowledge paired with the latest scientific research to create herbal formulas to help support and improve all systems in the body. Herbalism aims to stimulate a return to health by strengthening the body’s organ systems. It is a holistic form of medicine which aims to not only address symptoms but also address the underlying causes of a condition or disease.

Most people understand that biologically active compounds found in plants have been extracted and synthesised to create many common pharmaceutical drugs used today- think aspirin, quinine, morphine. Perhaps less known however is that these active compounds can function effectively and often more safely (i.e. without side effects) when taken in their more natural form, as prescribed by an herbalist.

There are many different types of herbal medicine that spring from different cultures around the globe. While they all use botanical plant medicines to treat their clients, they vary in the plants they use and how they prepare them. Western Herbal Medicine emphasises the use of European and Native American herbs, however herbs from other parts of the world are often used as well. Western herbalists generally prescribe herbs for the ingredients, or constituents, they contain and for their known physiological effects.


Clinic location: (Vital Chiropractic) Shop 2, 1473 Pittwater Road,
North Narrabeen, NSW 2101
(enter via the balcony to
Feels Pilates Narrabeen)

Ph: 0438 233 480

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