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Homemade Herbal Baby Wipes

I started making my own baby wipes for my first baby. I was using cloth nappies at home and it was just easier to have a big roll of these on the change table than fiddling around with packet wipes. Natural store bought baby wipes are also really expensive!

I love that I can customise these by changing the type of herbal infused oils I use. Chamomile is lovely and nourishing and suitable for most skin types. Calendula is wonderful for nappy rash. St John's Wort for atopic dermatis (ezcema). As with any new product you use on baby's skin, make sure you do a small patch test first. If you don't have access to an herbal infused oil you can always use something you may have on hand such as olive oil or almond oil. Here's what you'll need:

- A roll of paper towel

- 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil (or another gentle antimicrobial oil that suits your babies skin)

- About 2 tablespoons of herbal infused oil (or olive oil, almond oil, apricot kernel oil etc)

- 1 cup of boiling water, slightly cooled

- A tall cylinder container for storage



- Take the cardboard centre out of the paper towel roll (some brands are easier to do than others, but don't worry, this is the hardest part of the process!). Pull up the middle square of paper towel for easy access and place in the cylinder container.

- Combine all the ingredients in a glass pouring jug and whisk around to combine. The oil will likely sit on the top but this is fine.

- Pour the mixture evenly over the paper towel roll.

- Place lid on container in between use

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