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Health tips for the Silly Season

There’s no arguing it has been a strange year. Restrictions have come and gone and then come back again (depending on where you live). This years Christmas period will certainly be a different experience for most of us. As Covid-19 lingers, most of us tend to have fewer social engagements to attend. However, I don’t think this has necessarily correlated with less stress, less alcohol and more sleep. In fact, I feel like the opposite has occurred. Stress levels have never been higher, social anxiety is on the rise and alcohol consumption has increased for many as a way to deal with these strange and ever-changing times. There’s never been a better time to focus on what is important and really, really look after yourself.

I thought I’d put together a little list of some easy to apply healthy lifestyle hacks to get you through the silly season. I think it’s important to remember that health is an accumulation of lots of different healthy habits. Give these a try and let me know how you go 😊

- Start your day with a big glass of water. This may seem obvious or simplistic to some but I find it is easily the most effective way to increase your water intake. Don’t eat or drink anything else until you’ve finished your morning glass of water. Extra points if you add a squeeze of lemon and pinch of natural salt.

- Take a look around your home and consider where harmful chemicals come into your life. Are they in your cleaning products, gardening products, laundry detergent, make up, hair care, toiletries or in the foods you consume? How could you begin to change this? Next time you buy something new, purchase a natural product that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

- Try to avoid looking at a screen AT LEAST 30 minutes before you retire to bed. That includes your phone screen. If this seems near impossible for you, purchase a pair of blue light blocking glasses and pop them on in the evening as the sun begins to fade.

- Get your supplement and herbal medicine routine sorted. A whole foods diet is always your starting point- then it’s about adding in things to ‘supplement’ you diet such as certain vitamins and minerals that may be lacking. Herbal formulas are so effective because they can be tweaked as your circumstances change. Your herbalist will check in with you regularly and change your formula as needed so that you can feel supported.


Tick them off and feel the benefits 😊

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